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US Strikes Back

The US has been struggling with a way to combat Iran’s involvement in Iraq. Now word has come out about the unbelievably effective use of a 50 year old weapon. This weapon has very unique characteristics. It is stealthy, small, inexpensive and lightweight; in fact, the Iranians themselves bring it into the country. Current defenses have been ineffective. Iranian officials have called it “destructive” and a “danger.”

There is one potential downside to this weapon; it targets children. This could lead to extensive world criticism, but surprisingly so far it has not.

It seems when a country is a theocracy, it gives an enemy a much wider arsenal of weapons to employ.

What is this weapon? Yes its Barbie.


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Coming soon to this site will be an exclusive interview with a world renowned Intelligent Design expert. He is about to publish his latest book that he claims will have several breakthrough discoveries.

Watch for updates.

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Pope Curious

I don’t think about the Pope often, but with him in the U.S. I am curious and have some questions. Can anyone give me some answers?

  1. That Pope outfit is hot; is it available at L.L. Bean?
  2. Does the Pope communicate with God on his Blackberry or is he still using the old fashion prayer method?
  3. Other than wanting to overpopulate the planet, what is the Pope’s position on global warming?
  4. Who would win a healing cage match, Benny Hinn or the Pope?
  5. Has the Pope ever had an orgasm?
  6. Is the Pope 100% human or is he some percentage god?
  7. What ever happened to that meatless Friday thing that was popular when I was younger?
  8. Any chance the Pope will be questioned by authorities now that he is on U.S. soil?

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Why do so many believe? Is it fear of death, peer pressure, family pressure, a need to have an explanation of the universe? Originally belief was based on ignorance, today it’s most likely ego.

Lets go back a couple thousand years. Everyone knew that the earth was the center of the universe with all things revolving around it. Man was easily imposing his superiority over all other beings on the planet. The big question remained, how was all this created? There were some believing in idols, multiple gods, etc., but this seemed unnecessarily complicated. Some philosophers of the day speculated on a single God. This seemed to catch on. This God supported the earth being the center of the universe theory. More importantly, this God claimed that man was indeed special and created in His image. This formed the foundation of many religions. Given the ignorance of the day this was easy to sell and fit man’s image of himself. It was a good time to be on earth, at the center of things and related to God.

Then eight or nine hundred years ago, there was a very, very threatening new development, much worse than any devil . . . . . up jumped science. Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and others proved the world was not the center of the universe. Despite efforts by the church to squelch their view, they prevailed. Then the most threatening scientist of all, Darwin, gave his theory of evolution and worst of all, that man descended from other primates. Then it just kept coming with Einstein, Hubble and many many others.

So, after over a thousand years of being like God and at the center of the universe, science showed that earth is a speck among billions and man not much more than a monkey. What a blow to believer’s ego! The way most people fought off these depressing developments was to replace ignorance with blind faith clinging even stronger to God and religion. This also leads them to fight science at every turn; look at the ridiculous intelligent design claims. Religion still holds that earth is special and that man was in the form of God. This preserves believers’ ego.

Somehow atheists’ egos allow them to enjoy the position of most intelligent species on earth, but recognize that they are just a speck on a speck in the universe and will be truly gone in the blink of an eye.

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