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Why do so many believe? Is it fear of death, peer pressure, family pressure, a need to have an explanation of the universe? Originally belief was based on ignorance, today it’s most likely ego.

Lets go back a couple thousand years. Everyone knew that the earth was the center of the universe with all things revolving around it. Man was easily imposing his superiority over all other beings on the planet. The big question remained, how was all this created? There were some believing in idols, multiple gods, etc., but this seemed unnecessarily complicated. Some philosophers of the day speculated on a single God. This seemed to catch on. This God supported the earth being the center of the universe theory. More importantly, this God claimed that man was indeed special and created in His image. This formed the foundation of many religions. Given the ignorance of the day this was easy to sell and fit man’s image of himself. It was a good time to be on earth, at the center of things and related to God.

Then eight or nine hundred years ago, there was a very, very threatening new development, much worse than any devil . . . . . up jumped science. Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and others proved the world was not the center of the universe. Despite efforts by the church to squelch their view, they prevailed. Then the most threatening scientist of all, Darwin, gave his theory of evolution and worst of all, that man descended from other primates. Then it just kept coming with Einstein, Hubble and many many others.

So, after over a thousand years of being like God and at the center of the universe, science showed that earth is a speck among billions and man not much more than a monkey. What a blow to believer’s ego! The way most people fought off these depressing developments was to replace ignorance with blind faith clinging even stronger to God and religion. This also leads them to fight science at every turn; look at the ridiculous intelligent design claims. Religion still holds that earth is special and that man was in the form of God. This preserves believers’ ego.

Somehow atheists’ egos allow them to enjoy the position of most intelligent species on earth, but recognize that they are just a speck on a speck in the universe and will be truly gone in the blink of an eye.


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My great, great, great, great, great grandfather had a dog that that built his house for him.

I don’t believe that.

Prove that he didn’t.

No the burden is on you to prove that he did.

OK, some friends of my gggggrandfather wrote in their diaries that the dog built a house.

Can I see their diaries?

I have some copies of translations of the diaries.

What about the originals?

They were originally written in Swedish and have been lost, but they clearly document that the dog built a house estimated to be about 1100 square feet with several rooms and a fireplace.

I still don’t believe you.

Everyone in that area of Sweden knows all about this dog. There are remnants of a foundation that has been examined and experts say that it has a unique structure. You don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to, but I don’t see how you can refute what all these people say.

Can I see the experts reports and did the dog have any offspring?

I don’t have the expert reports, but my cousin in Sweden does. The dog died young and had no offspring.

This is ridiculous.

You are so negative. You have your mind made up. Even with all this evidence you don’t believe. No matter what evidence I gave you, you wouldn’t believe.

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Both McCain and Obama have received controversial endorsements recently. McCain from a John Hagee a televangelist nutjob with anti-Jewish/Catholic views. Obama from Louis Farrakhan another whackjob with anti-Jewish views

Despite their views, both of these “religious” men actually have large followings. Give Obama credit; he “denounced and rejected” Farrakhan’s endorsement. McCain, however, so desperate for conservative religious right support he has not denounced Hagee’s endorsement.

It is amazing what is legitimized under the name of religion.

Any candidates accepting atheist endorsements?

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Why can’t we atheists just let it go. Certainly we agree religion has influenced America, so what’s the big deal about the reference to God in the Pledge of Allegiance. How could it hurt. I definitely support the separation of church and state argument that has been extensively debated, but I have a more basic reason for wanting God out of the pledge. I love my country.

The United States of America is real, it exists, unlike God which is not real. If one is an atheist God is like the Tooth Fairy. If you love your country and you hear this:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under the Tooth Fairy, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Would you want to make this pledge?

It’s not that I don’t respect the right to believe whatever you want, I just don’t want what you believe to reflect unfavorably on the country that I love and respect.

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Belief in God is funny to me in any setting, but I really crack up when entertainers and professional athletes thank God (or Jesus) for their latest achievement or award. Of course, these proclamations have nothing whatsoever to do with even their God. It is all about the self-indulgent celebrities themselves. What they are really saying is, “Look at me, God knows all about me, loves me and made sure I got this award.” Such ego can you believe it? This becomes even more ridiculous when an athlete does something like genuflecting before a free throw; could anything be less important?

If they were truly believers in their God, their acceptance speech might be, “God, enough already! I already have a $100 million contract, adoring fans and eight bookcases full of awards. Please, please can’t you use your powers to something better like feeding starving children.” Not likely to see this speech anytime soon.

As an atheist, the hilarious acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards several months ago by Kathy Griffin was right on point. Not only did she mock celebrities that thank Jesus, but also stated her own belief of his role in her receiving of the award.

No mainstream groups ever complain about the God thanking speeches that go on ad nauseam, but predictably there was an overreaction to Griffin’s speech. Outrage, threats and calls for censorship all followed her speech. This was different only in degree to the reaction to some Danish cartoons. When blind faith is challenged this is the usual reaction.

A more logical and meaningful response, if they wanted to issue a challenge, would have been to provide proof that Jesus had indeed helped Griffin. Don’t often see this more reason based approach used, however. Or maybe just a chuckle would have been appropriate. It does seem, however, that blind faith believers have no sense of humor.

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