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According to many news articles the FCC is going to levy a $1.43 Million fine against ABC for an episode of NYPD Blue showing a nude woman from the side, exposing both a partial breast and her buttocks. More interestingly, it was aired in 2003; yes, five years ago.

Let’s see, maybe influence of the religious right on our federal government has gone too far; not to mention the waste of time and money.

An inside source provided the transcript that follows from a tape that was made during some of the discussions at the FCC on this issue:

“Gentlemen we are here to discuss the 2003 episode of NYPD Blue where there was side nudity showing a partial breast and buttocks. I have checked with our outside adviser Reverend Jones, excuse me, I mean Mr. Jones. He says we must take action and definitely recommends that we fine ABC; he leaves the amount to our discretion.”

“Reading from FCC Regulation 25-4/45-; showing excretory or sexual organs in prime time is subject to a fine of up to $3 Million.”

“Is the maximum fine appropriate in this case?”

“Not since it was just the side with no nipple shown; about $1.5 Million is right.”

“I disagree; this TV program was aired in 2003. Some children who were irreparably harmed by viewing this vile TV filth are now old enough to be fighting in Iraq.”

“Excellent point. We should fine ABC the maximum for harming our fighting men and women.”

“Yes, do it for the troops.”

“Yes, for the troops.”

“Amen, $3 Million for the troops.”

“As much as I too would like to fine at the maximum, $1.5 Million is about right on the basis of only the side and no nipple as discussed earlier. And you know the left wing agents will join ABC to fight this no matter what the fine is. A lower amount will be easier to defend.”

Do you guys think children that were breast fed are more or less harmed by nipples on TV than those that were not?”

“That’s an excellent question, but I think we should take that up another meeting.”

“Maybe even a little less than $1.5 Million would be appropriate since the nipple and no actual excrement was shown.”

“OK, then $1.25 Million.”

“Too little.”

“Before we settle this, I would like to ask the honorable Senator from Idaho, who is sitting in with us today, if he has any comments. What do you think Senator?”

“What is the possibility that I could view the TV clip in question? That might help me more effectively comment on the fine you have proposed. Oh, and I probably should have asked this earlier, but was the nude person in the TV clip a woman or was it a man?”

“Sorry Senator, the clip is not available today. $1.43 Million it is. MEETING ADJOURNED!”


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