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In line with my practice of posting views opposing atheism, I am very happy to have a world renowned expert on Intelligent Design, Iemnaut Amunquay. As I am sure most of you know he is a world renowned Belgian biologist, chemist, philosopher, astrologer, physicist who has focused on Intelligent Design for the past ten plus years. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this interview. Rumor has it that you are coming out with a new book. Is that the case?

Iemnaut Amunquay
First I would like to thank the God-jeering ATHEIST for giving me this opportunity. We disagree on many things, but not the free exchange of ideas. And yes, I am indeed coming out with a new book.

What can we expect from this book? If you can excuse this expression, is the book “evolutionary” or revolutionary?

Obviously I cannot say my book is evolutionary, so it must be revolutionary. In fact, that is the case. I have several breakthrough discoveries that are revealed and discussed at great length in the book.

What are some of the areas where breakthroughs have been made?

As you know I formed the Revelation Institute in 2003 to advance the development of Intelligent Design theories. The progress has progressed much faster the I initially expected. Our theories now more detailed and supported fully by empirical data. The breakthroughs are so far reaching that I have titled my book Intelligent Design 2.0.

Intelligent Design 2.0 sounds interesting, can you tell me more about what is new and how it differs from previous theories.

In my book I lay out evidence for several types or levels of intelligent design. Also discussed are the intelligent designers themselves. This discussion in particular sets my work apart from previous ID work.

This sounds interesting, can you describe further what you mean by levels?

Yes, I would be happy to. Can you imagine “nature” creating a basset from a beagle? It took hundreds of years of careful breading by man to design this dog and other animal breeds. Also, if nature is so good at evolving things, why were plants diseased? Scientist created disease resistant hybrid plants. These development had a low to medium intelligence cause. This level is called Design One. In most Design One cases the intelligent designer is man.

I find this very interesting. What is the next level?

The second level is Design Two and it verifies that there are medium to high level intelligent causes. Geniuses laboring obscurely before recorded time time developed plant, animal or technological breakthroughs. The well documented Ancient Astronaut theory also fits into this level. Examples include the Pyramids, Stonehenge and many UFOs, etc.

And the third level?

Many developments cannot be explained even at Design Two. It is clear that it takes an even higher level of intelligence to design many elements of the cosmos. Even more clearly the design of man requires the highest level of intelligence. Even a monkey could not have evolved from a lower animal. And certainly, with the complexity of man’s brain, man could not have evolved from the monkey. And I don’t know about you, but I did not evolve from a monkey. My new research shows that there is a higher level of intelligent design, Design Three. Design Three explains the cosmos, man and many other complexities of the universe. I am sorry that I must leave now and I can only take one more question.

Thank you, Iemnaut Amunquay, for your time. My final question is, can you characterize the Design Three level designer in the same way you did at levels one and two?

This designer needed omniscience to design the complex elements of the cosmos and certainly humans, so at Design Three there is a Great Omniscient Designer. For more information you will have to buy my buy my book.

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Coming soon to this site will be an exclusive interview with a world renowned Intelligent Design expert. He is about to publish his latest book that he claims will have several breakthrough discoveries.

Watch for updates.

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Why do so many believe? Is it fear of death, peer pressure, family pressure, a need to have an explanation of the universe? Originally belief was based on ignorance, today it’s most likely ego.

Lets go back a couple thousand years. Everyone knew that the earth was the center of the universe with all things revolving around it. Man was easily imposing his superiority over all other beings on the planet. The big question remained, how was all this created? There were some believing in idols, multiple gods, etc., but this seemed unnecessarily complicated. Some philosophers of the day speculated on a single God. This seemed to catch on. This God supported the earth being the center of the universe theory. More importantly, this God claimed that man was indeed special and created in His image. This formed the foundation of many religions. Given the ignorance of the day this was easy to sell and fit man’s image of himself. It was a good time to be on earth, at the center of things and related to God.

Then eight or nine hundred years ago, there was a very, very threatening new development, much worse than any devil . . . . . up jumped science. Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and others proved the world was not the center of the universe. Despite efforts by the church to squelch their view, they prevailed. Then the most threatening scientist of all, Darwin, gave his theory of evolution and worst of all, that man descended from other primates. Then it just kept coming with Einstein, Hubble and many many others.

So, after over a thousand years of being like God and at the center of the universe, science showed that earth is a speck among billions and man not much more than a monkey. What a blow to believer’s ego! The way most people fought off these depressing developments was to replace ignorance with blind faith clinging even stronger to God and religion. This also leads them to fight science at every turn; look at the ridiculous intelligent design claims. Religion still holds that earth is special and that man was in the form of God. This preserves believers’ ego.

Somehow atheists’ egos allow them to enjoy the position of most intelligent species on earth, but recognize that they are just a speck on a speck in the universe and will be truly gone in the blink of an eye.

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I was listening to Coast-to-Coast radio the other night on the drive home. I always find it humorous. There was a guest discussing the Ancient Astronauts. I hadn’t heard this nonsense discussed since the 60’s when Chariots of the Gods was a phenomenon.

Shortly into the discussion, I realized this is the same theory as Intelligent Design without the religious underpinnings.

I guess there are really no new crackpot theories, just recycled old ones.

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