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Belief in God is funny to me in any setting, but I really crack up when entertainers and professional athletes thank God (or Jesus) for their latest achievement or award. Of course, these proclamations have nothing whatsoever to do with even their God. It is all about the self-indulgent celebrities themselves. What they are really saying is, “Look at me, God knows all about me, loves me and made sure I got this award.” Such ego can you believe it? This becomes even more ridiculous when an athlete does something like genuflecting before a free throw; could anything be less important?

If they were truly believers in their God, their acceptance speech might be, “God, enough already! I already have a $100 million contract, adoring fans and eight bookcases full of awards. Please, please can’t you use your powers to something better like feeding starving children.” Not likely to see this speech anytime soon.

As an atheist, the hilarious acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards several months ago by Kathy Griffin was right on point. Not only did she mock celebrities that thank Jesus, but also stated her own belief of his role in her receiving of the award.

No mainstream groups ever complain about the God thanking speeches that go on ad nauseam, but predictably there was an overreaction to Griffin’s speech. Outrage, threats and calls for censorship all followed her speech. This was different only in degree to the reaction to some Danish cartoons. When blind faith is challenged this is the usual reaction.

A more logical and meaningful response, if they wanted to issue a challenge, would have been to provide proof that Jesus had indeed helped Griffin. Don’t often see this more reason based approach used, however. Or maybe just a chuckle would have been appropriate. It does seem, however, that blind faith believers have no sense of humor.


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