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In the beginning

This is my first entry in this blog. I hope this and future entries are thought provoking and somewhat humorous.

To start off right, I wanted to show an open mind. Belief in God has some definite benefits and here are some in a familiar format. With apologies to David Letterman below are:

The Top Ten Things You Can Do By Believing In God

10. Look forward to a really big flood

9. Join the Republican Party

8. Avoid being called a descendant of monkeys

7. Really enjoy Benny Hinn

6. Avoid menacing threats of going to hell in a hand basket

5. Say God damn it with real meaning

4. Keep women in their place using His teachings

3. Have open season on infidels

2. Take comfort that God is a white male just like all important people

1. Quit worrying about not doing well in high school science


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