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Pope Curious

I don’t think about the Pope often, but with him in the U.S. I am curious and have some questions. Can anyone give me some answers?

  1. That Pope outfit is hot; is it available at L.L. Bean?
  2. Does the Pope communicate with God on his Blackberry or is he still using the old fashion prayer method?
  3. Other than wanting to overpopulate the planet, what is the Pope’s position on global warming?
  4. Who would win a healing cage match, Benny Hinn or the Pope?
  5. Has the Pope ever had an orgasm?
  6. Is the Pope 100% human or is he some percentage god?
  7. What ever happened to that meatless Friday thing that was popular when I was younger?
  8. Any chance the Pope will be questioned by authorities now that he is on U.S. soil?

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